Wednesday, February 27, 2013

5 Wintery Tips

Ashley and Cody playing in the snow. Ashley is from Pathway to Hope.

Brr... Are You Staying Warm?

Here are five tips to keep your dogs happy and healthy during these winter months.

(Advice taken from ASPCA)

  1. Does your dog like to romp around in the snow? Make sure he's getting extra protein to help keep him, and his fur, in tip-top shape.
  2. Never leave your dog (or cat) alone in the car during winter. A car can trap in the cold and freeze an animal to death.
  3. Make sure your dog (or cat) has a warm place to sleep off the floor and away from drafty areas. Pet beds, blankets, and cushions are a great, and comfy, way to keep your dog healthy.
  4. Wipe off your dog's legs and stomach when coming in from the snow. Dogs can lick harmful chemical (anti-freeze), and salt, off their paws. Paw pads are also sensitive to extreme cold, and may start to bleed.
  5. You may want to keep your outdoor cats inside during the winter months - they can freeze to death, or, many slip under car hoods for warmth and are injured or killed when an unsuspecting person starts up their car. Know there are outdoor cats in your area? Consider banging on the hood of your car to chase out any hiding cats.
That's all for now. Stay happy, healthy and warm during these snowy days. Heading out on vacation? Consider boarding your dog at Hotel for Dogs! Call now!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Hotel for Dogs Valentine's Pawty King & Queen

This Valentine's Day Hotel for Dogs hosted its first Valentine's Day Pawty.

Guests brought their dogs and families to participate. Cocoa and cookies - dog and people friendly varieties - were served throughout the night. Any lucky new clients who came received coupons to put towards a day of daycare. Every dog, Hotel for Dogs client or not, got to get a free, relaxing doggie massage after being introduced to the daycare's new pet stylist, Heather Schuster!

People participated in a 50/50 Raffle to support the February Foster-of-the-Month, and, to top it all off, the winners of the Hotel for Dogs Valentine's Day Pawty King & Queen Contest were selected - each winning beautiful crowns, oodles of attention, and a gift certificate for a full-service pawdicure!

We're proud to announce the winners of the Valentine's King & Queen Contest:
Winners of the Valentine's Pawty King & Queen contest!

Crowned as the reigning King was BOGIE the Bulldog!
Crowned as the reigning Queen was HOPE the Walker Hound!

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King Bogie Commands You Come Serve him,
at Hotel for Dogs Doggie Daycare!