Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A New Beginning for An Old Friend!

Bella came to board with us over two years ago. Her dad was going through a divorce. He was traveling a lot. She didn't fit into his life anymore. He was able to walk away from a dog that he had raised since a puppy without a second glance. He decided one day that he wasn't coming back for her. He planned to have a friend of his pick her up and bring her to the vet to be put down. By the time he came to that decision it was too late. We already loved Bella.

Bella is loving, loyal and obedient. When you look into her silly eyes you see her heart. She lived at our boarding facility for two years. We tossed her her tennis balls, prepared her meals, loved her and made her as comfortable as we could. We zippered up her coat when the days got cold. We held her when she was sick or sad. There were days when we felt guilty. We knew she deserved a real home. Had the right decision been made to keep her here with us? Were we being selfish? We did our best to make this a home for her while it was her only option and we waited patiently. We hoped and prayed to whoever we all pray to. We waited.
One day an email came through. One of our clients had unexpectedly lost their dog at a very young age. It was a horrible tragedy. A family member had reached out looking for a new companion for them because the hole in their home and their hearts from their pet's death was to large to live with. They knew it was soon, but they couldn't wait. The absence of a loving dog in the house only made the tragedy harder to bare. Did we know of a dog for them?
Knowing the family and what they were looking for, we knew Bella would be the perfect match. Out of a tragedy, a new beginning for Bella and healing and happiness for a family in a time of great sorrow emerged.
I know for me personally the first day she was gone was bitter sweet. I went on with my work and kept my head down at peace in my heart knowing she was with wonderful people who would love her, but I would be lying if I didn't tell you I didn't miss her. I held it together....until two days later when she came to visit with me with her new family. She had a new harness and a new leash. She was shiny. I knew she was freshly washed. Her owners asked questions about food and vet care. They loved her already. They wanted her comfortable and safe. She was on a blanket in the back seat and she had her very own dog seat belt. She got out and she greeted me. It wasn't her typical good morning. It was different. It was a thank you. It may have been with a tongue and a look in her eyes, but I speak dog so I recognized it and I held her. I went over a few things with her family and made plans to visit her in her new home the next day and I waved as they pulled out of the parking lot.  Then I went in my office and cried.
There are many dogs available out there. They are good dogs who came upon bad circumstances that they have no control over. They may not be the fanciest or the trendiest, but you will know just the way I know when you look in to their eyes.

-Jackie DeGroat